Loyd Sandgren Business Card, 1950’s

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One of Loyd Sandgren’s business cards from the 1950’s. He made these himself and printed them on photographic paper.  The high angle view of Hemming Plaza shows it when it had a bandshell. The Tourist and Convention office was housed there and there was a billboard in the corner of the park.  The photo may well have been taken at the same time as he shot this wider view of the same scene. The 22 E. Beaver Street is the address of one of a number of studios that Loyd Sandgren worked from around downtown Jacksonville at different times in his career.  The Loyd Sandgren Photographers reference interests me since I know of no time that he had other photographers working with or for him.


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  1. 1 Miami Business Cards June 10th, 2014 21:15H

    What a beautiful business card, I love that card. I can image how hard was doing that design by that time. Thanks for sharing

  2. 2 bob June 12th, 2014 8:31H

    Loyd trained as a graphic artist before becoming a photographer. I have a piece of poster board that he hand lettered his logo on. He would create an acetate over with his logo and put it in the corner of his prints when making an exposure so that it would print into the image. I would guess he created the same sort of template to print his cards. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

  3. 3 Don Webb January 22nd, 2015 19:23H

    I always wished I had such graphic talents. I enjoyed taking photos,but never had the natural skills that Loyd Sandgen possessed.

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