On Dating A Professional Wrestler

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This is not the best image technically from Loyd Sandgren’s professional wrestling images but the note Loyd attached to the original print was too good not to share.

Here was one girl throwing another one like she was light as a feather.  Names I don’t remember but I sure remember the fights.  They were good looking and I dated one for some time.  When she told me to hold her, I did.  When she held me it was almost always in a wrestling hold. I liked it, but I didn’t. 1950’s”  LS


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  1. 1 RWM March 15th, 2015 0:01H

    Thanks to some fellow wrestling fans of yesteryear, I’ve been able to relate the identities of the women wrestling here. That’s Bette Boucher who is having her arm stretched by Princess Little Cloud.

  2. 2 bob March 21st, 2015 20:52H

    Thank you for the comment. All additional information is always welcomed. Bob Self/Vintage Jacksonville

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