Detroit Magazine Stand, 1939

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“This was a Cold Drinks and Cigar Store in a hotel in Detroit.  The date May 26, 1939. They had hundreds of different items that they sold.  I think its fun to look back at the prices when available.  The picture was taken on a 5X7 camera. The film was AGFA Safety Film.. I still have the negative.  I got talking to the young lady at the counter (I tried to get a date with her) she told me NO.  She did tell me that the job paid well, $12.00 a week and only six days a week.  Some difference in today’s pay.  I know they sold Coca-Cola there but I don’t see any ads.” LS

This is not a Jacksonville image but it is a great photograph from Loyd Sandgren’s early days as a professional photographer at a large commercial studio in Detroit, Michigan before he enlisted in the Navy and was stationed at Mayport Naval Station during World War II.  The Life Magazine cover featuring first lady Eleanor Roosevelt was dated May 29, 1939.  Many of the magazine titles for sale are still in print today.  The Look magazine dated June 6, 1939 with the bathing beauty on the cover promotes an interesting inside story, “Adolf Hitler, A Revealing New Biography And Amazing Prophecy”.  On September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland setting W.W. II in motion.


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