Veteran’s Funeral

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Sadly there is no information on this photograph which appears to be a veteran’s coffin on display in a family’s home. Flowers crowd the small room and “My Buddy” is written on one flower display’s ribbon. Two portraits of the deceased are in view.  One sits atop the 48 star flag that shrouds the coffin. The 48 star American Flag was used from 1912 until 1959 when Alaska became the 49 state.  Another small portrait is on the flower covered piano showing the deceased in his military uniform.


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  1. 1 Don Webb February 9th, 2015 18:00H

    Could have been a WWII or Korean War veteran. It was still customary back in the 40’s and 50’s to “take the body home” for a visitation/wake before the funeral. Usually the casket was open, but the age of the deceased in the photo would not cause me to suspect he was not a fatality of either those wars. Perhaps the family just wanted a closed casket.

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