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“When the Robert Meyer Hotel was built, the G.E. Company sold them all their TVs, the salesman was the center man.”  LS

The Robert Meyer Hotel had its groundbreaking July 9, 1957 in downtown Jacksonville. Opening in 1959 it was claimed to be Florida’s largest commercial hotel with 563 guest rooms to host business travelers and convention business that was never fully realized.  The hotel went bankrupt in 1977, was sold in 1980, renovated and reopened under a new name but closed again in 1982.  The building sat empty until February of 1998 when it was imploded, making way for the new Federal Courthouse that now stands in the footprint of the ill fated hotel.


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  1. 1 Don Webb February 2nd, 2015 19:14H

    Those old style TV screens brings back many childhood memories. From the Mickey Mouse Club to the Lone Ranger and the Andy Griffith Show, these little one-eyed monsters allowed one to travel to places they had only heard or read about. Still have never made it to NYC, but, I don’t think I’ve lost anything. I’ve still got my memories.

    • 2 marvin purser February 4th, 2016 19:48H

      The Robert Mayer is where my new bride and I stayed the first night of our honey moon. The price was $15.00 and her brother paid for it. Not a bad price for a bridal suite!

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