Corsairs At The Ready, Mayport 1944

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“U.S. Naval Air Station, Mayport, Florida.  September 1944. This photo is looking North-East where the new base had a name change and was now an Airbase.  Most of the airplanes were Corsairs, as many as 17 pilots were killed in one afternoon there.  My job was to photograph the wrecks.” LS

Loyd Sandgren first came to Jacksonville as a Navy photographer in 1942 and was stationed at what was then known as U.S. Naval Frontier Base, Mayport, Florida. This previously posted aerial photograph of the Mayport basin was probably taken around the same time as the photograph above as the graded runways can be seen between the basin and the St. Johns River. The base initially served as a port for small Navy ships before the addition of the airfields.


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