Golf Window Display At The Sport Shop

September 27th, 2013, 15:30H · Topics: Around Town, Business, Sports · Print is another great window display captured by photographer Loyd Sandgren.  He shot them at night to minimize the reflections in the glass but often the few reflections that still show up give clues as to the location when no notes were left behind with the print, which was the case in this photograph.  In this earlier photograph of The Sport Shop there was some debate about the accuracy of the photographer’s note but there are a couple of details that help identify this business.  The curved window frame in the upper left corner matches the one in the earlier photo and this appears to be be the other part of the business’s corner shot at the same time as the previous photo. The shelf with merchandise at the right of this photograph matches the self in the left of the earlier image.  Also, on the far left side of the image there is a reversed reflection of a sign for the Hotel Floridian which was located on Forsyth Street in the same block as The Sport Shop.


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