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27 Sep 2013

Golf Window Display At The Sport Shop

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This is another great window display captured by photographer Loyd Sandgren.  He shot them at night to minimize the reflections in the glass but often the few reflections that still show up give clues as to the location when no notes were left behind with the print, which was the case in this photograph.  In […]

13 May 2011

Jacksonville Women’s Open

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“The arena promoting golf at this time, notice the total prize money, $2,050 purse.  This was in the year 1953.  Also you could win the TV that projected the picture that was just like a big movie.  A 10 foot screen. A combination three day ticket was $3.00.” LS The second annual Jacksonville Florida Women’s […]

22 Apr 2011

Putting In


“Mrs. Lou Bono putting on the green.  Lou is on the far right.  He is the one that started Lou Bono’s Bar-B-Q.  The other man was the pro around town and of course with his wife.” LS


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