Borum Boat With Navy Jets

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A Borum Eldorado sits on its trailer next to what I believe is a Grumman F-9 Cougar Navy Jet and a mix of other aircraft in the background.  I don’t know which base it was shot at but I’m guessing NAS Jacksonville in the 1950’s.  (As always, I welcome information from those of you in the know who can fill in the gaps in the caption.)  The Borum Boat Company was a Jacksonville-based company that Loyd Sandgren had as a client in the 1950s and early 1960s. Note the swimsuit-clad model posing by the cockpit of the jet.  This was from the same shoot that provided the very first post on Vintage Jacksonville.

Update: I received confirmation that the jet in the foreground is indeed a Grumman F9F Cougar and in the background are a row of Douglas AD-1 Skyraiders.  Far left behind the Cougar’s tail is a JD-1 utility aircraft.  Thanks to Larry Lyons for filling in the blanks.

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  1. 1 TOM PUMPHREY December 26th, 2013 19:12H

    The location is the Naval Air Reserve Training Unit ,NAS,JAX. The Stripe on the F9F Couger Jet Fighter in color would be orange which is on of the markings of the reserve. Also the word Jacksonville is another indication that it is a reserve aircraft.

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