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28 Jan 2015

GE TV Delivery


“When the Robert Meyer Hotel was built, the G.E. Company sold them all their TVs, the salesman was the center man.”  LS The Robert Meyer Hotel had its groundbreaking July 9, 1957 in downtown Jacksonville. Opening in 1959 it was claimed to be Florida’s largest commercial hotel with 563 guest rooms to host business travelers […]

25 Jul 2013

Muntz TV Gator Bowl Float

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“A Gator Bowl Parade of the 50’s and as you can see it was the float of the Muntz TV, which was nation wide at that time.  This was on Julia St. in front of the George Washington Hotel (Rainbow Room, the night club).”  LS  

01 Mar 2012

Ray Charles On Sax With Ken Knight


Ray Charles playing saxophone with Jacksonville promoter Ken Knight during a concert in 1960.  Everyone knows about Ray Charles’ Jacksonville connection, attending the School for the Deaf and the Blind in St. Augustine and hanging around the music clubs in Jacksonville’s La Villa neighborhood in his youth but Ken Knight has a prominent place in […]

28 Jun 2011

Sales Meeting With Pouncing Tiger


Nothing like having a pouncing tiger over your head to keep a sales meeting moving along.  The poster on the easel is for GE Televisions. There is no information with the original print but I am thinking this might be a stage at Andrew Jackson High School.

15 Mar 2011

WFGA Color Television


Jacksonville television station WFGA began broadcasting September 1, 1957 and was the first TV station in the country designed for color broadcasting.  It was also a pioneer with the first “live camera” coverage of space launches at the Kennedy Space Center in 1958 and acted as the designated pool feed for all national TV networks. […]


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