28 Jan 2015

GE TV Delivery


“When the Robert Meyer Hotel was built, the G.E. Company sold them all their TVs, the salesman was the center man.”  LS The Robert Meyer Hotel had its groundbreaking July 9, 1957 in downtown Jacksonville. Opening in 1959 it was claimed to be Florida’s largest commercial hotel with 563 guest rooms to host business travelers […]

08 Nov 2011

Sell It!


I’m sure that the desired buying demographic for this state of the art washing machine, circa 1950’s, was further enticed to make a purchase by the use a model in a swim suit, high heels and the coveted Miss Filter-Flo sash.

28 Jun 2011

Sales Meeting With Pouncing Tiger


Nothing like having a pouncing tiger over your head to keep a sales meeting moving along.  The poster on the easel is for GE Televisions. There is no information with the original print but I am thinking this might be a stage at Andrew Jackson High School.

01 Apr 2011

New And Improved

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On December 28, 1886 a patent was issued to Josephine Garis Chochrane from Shelbyville, Illinois  for what is considered the first practical mechanical dish washing machine. It was displayed at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair but saw use mostly in commercial settings.  It was not until the late 1940’s that a home model came on […]


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