February 2011

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28 Feb 2011

Above San Marco, 1940’s

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Looking North towards downtown Jacksonville from over San Marco.  Late 1940’s.  Notice the cleared field where the original Prudential Building and Baptist Hospital were later built.  No I-95 overpass complex.  Things have changed a bit in the years since then…

25 Feb 2011

Pork and Beans at the A&P

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Among Loyd Sandgren’s clients was the A&P Grocery chain which according to conversations with Loyd, had him photograph displays at their Jacksonville store so that they could send out prints to other stores to show the way they wanted the products displayed at other locations. Anybody recognize the gentlemen in the photo?

22 Feb 2011

Down By The River

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View looking North across the St Johns River from the Southbank just East of the Main Street bridge.  Approximately late 1940’s to early 1950’s.

15 Feb 2011

Women’s Wrestling

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Women’s Wrestling in the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum.  1960’s.

10 Feb 2011

Tighty Whities

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This studio image was likely shot to be cut out and used in an underwear ad.

08 Feb 2011

Leaky Bucket


I have no doubt that there is a wonderful story behind this photograph by Loyd Sandgren but he left it up to us to fill it in.  Any ideas?

02 Feb 2011

Coon Hunt

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“A coon hunt near Jacksonville, Florida.  They put the coon in a cage and drag it through the woods, and then put it up in a tree.  The dogs are then given the scent and let loose.  The first dogs there win the owners the prize and trophy.” LS


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