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27 May 2011

Graham vs Malenko


Professional wrestler Eddie Graham vs “The Great Malenko” in the Jacksonville Coliseum.  1960’s.

24 May 2011

Atlantic Bank Building


“This was the brand new Atlantic Bank Building, on the corner of Forsyth and Hogan Streets.  The old Atlantic Building in the background.  On the left is the store Furchgott’s.  About 1956.” LS This view of the building’s facade is now obscured by the elevated skyway tracks that travel along Hogan Street.

18 May 2011

Massey Dodge Garage, 1949

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“Massey Dodge Garage, on West State Street (building still standing), this photo was taken for a slide that would be used on TV, WMBR, Channel 4, 1949.  For that time it was the finest garage in this area.  Massey had 4 dealerships in our city.” LS

13 May 2011

Jacksonville Women’s Open

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“The arena promoting golf at this time, notice the total prize money, $2,050 purse.  This was in the year 1953.  Also you could win the TV that projected the picture that was just like a big movie.  A 10 foot screen. A combination three day ticket was $3.00.” LS The second annual Jacksonville Florida Women’s […]

10 May 2011

Hitler’s Yacht


“This is what was left of Adolph Hitler’s yacht.  People took parts of it for souvenirs, and someone started a fire and this hull was what was left.” LS Typed on back of the print  “This is to certify that these pictures were taken Wednesday, August 30, 1950, approximately 2:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. by–Loyd […]

04 May 2011

Mrs. Wilbur

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“A great model and beautiful, her name, Connie Hines.  She later won the big prize in New York on the $64,000 game show.  Because of that she got a contract in the movies.  She appeared in the TV series Mr. Ed.  She was the wife on that show.  She was in many movies.” LS Hines […]


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