December 2012

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28 Dec 2012

Downtown Woolworth’s, 1954


“This is the way the Woolworth Store looked like just before it opened (note the sign in the windows).  The J.C. Penny store had not moved in.  This was on the corner of Monroe and Hogan Streets.  This was 1954.”  LS The window signs advertise for the Grand Opening, Wednesday 9 O’Clock, March 23rd.  The […]

19 Dec 2012

60’s Vintage Room Interior

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The is a fun little diptych print of a late 50’s early 60’s vintage early modern room interior.  Don’t know if this was a furniture showroom display or a hotel room but I love the look.  I can’t imagine what it would cost to pull all of these elements together today but you have everything  […]

13 Dec 2012

Navy Net Maker

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“We had other things going on also, here is Horrace Tompkins showing off the shrimp nets that he would make in his spare time.  He was good and made money.”  LS Some of the most interesting photos in the Loyd Sandgren collection are those that show the little moments and behind the scenes shots that […]

11 Dec 2012

One Stop Shopping At The Firestone Store


Shopping was sure simpler in a store like this which appears to be a Firestone branded home and hardware store.  They had Firestone bicycles, outboard motors, paint and auto supplies.  They also sold sporting goods, books (Bibles for $1.00 and Fiction, Biography and Self Help for 49 cents) and luggage.  There are even dolls lined […]

06 Dec 2012

Beach Parking


“Jacksonville Beach, Florida as it looked in 1950.  The old pier was out from 3rd. Ave. North.  Note the amusements on the far left.  Picture was taken from the Life Saving Tower, the same one that is there today.  Lots of cars on the beach.”  LS I’m going to go out on a limb and […]

04 Dec 2012

Bags Packed And Ready To Go


I have not figured out if this is an advertising photo for luggage or a portrait of an airline stewardess shot by Loyd Sandgren in his downtown Jacksonville studio.  Loyd did not leave any clues with this one.  Anyone recognize the logos on the uniform?


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