June 2011

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28 Jun 2011

Sales Meeting With Pouncing Tiger


Nothing like having a pouncing tiger over your head to keep a sales meeting moving along.  The poster on the easel is for GE Televisions. There is no information with the original print but I am thinking this might be a stage at Andrew Jackson High School.

24 Jun 2011

Porsche Chrome

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An example of Loyd Sandgren’s commercial work.  He shot a variety of detail and product shots for Brundage Motors and later Brumos Porsche in the early 1960’s.  I wonder what a collector would pay for one of these in this condition?

21 Jun 2011

Watermelon Break, Circa 1946

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This would have been from 1946, the year Loyd Sandgren worked out of Tallahassee shooting photos around the state of Florida promoting the state for tourism and commerce.  Nothing says summer like a kid with watermelon.

16 Jun 2011

Win Free Stuff!!!

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Fans of Vintage Jacksonville now have the chance to win FABULOUS PRIZES (ok, something nice!) simply by visiting Vintage Jacksonville on Facebook and clicking on the Like button.  Do that and you are entered for a chance to win a free 11X14 inch museum quality reproduction print of the image of your choice from the […]

14 Jun 2011

Bridge Traffic

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Looking North across the Main Street Bridge toward downtown Jacksonville.  Early 1950’s.

10 Jun 2011

On The Beach

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Bodybuilder Mickey Lewis showing his form.  This is one of a group of bodybuilders Loyd Sandgren photographed on Jacksonville’s beaches in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

10 Jun 2011

Jacksonville’s Pat Boone


Born in Jacksonville June 1, 1934 Charles Eugene Boone, better known as Pat Boone became one of the most popular singing acts of the 1950’s. His early career was built on singing R&B covers by black artists but he later became known as a gospel singer.  (Trivia:  He was also a one time neighbor of […]

07 Jun 2011

Catch Of The Day

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No information with the original print but I’m guessing this stylish fisherman was photographed in the late 1940’s.  Nice Tarpon!

03 Jun 2011

Barnett Bank Lobby, 1947

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“This is the lobby of the old Barnett Bank on the corner of Laura & Forsyth Streets.  This was their 70th. year, 1877 to 1947.  Of course now they are over 100 years old.  It was built of marble and it looked impressive, it looked like a bank of old.” LS  


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