June 2012

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29 Jun 2012

Budgie Competition

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“This was a promotional stunt put on by Kay’s Jewelry Store, to find a parakeet that would say, “Kay’s Jewelry Store”.  After listening to hundreds of birds, one said it and won a prize.  Young Dick Stratton is in white at the mike.  1953” LS Dick Stratton was a sports broadcaster and television personality in Jacksonville […]

25 Jun 2012

Prudential And Baptist Buildings Going Up


“The Baptist Hospital & The Prudential Buildings being built.  You can see downtown Jacksonville in the background.”  LS Both the Baptist Hospital and The Prudential Insurance buildings opened in 1955 so this photograph would have been taken a year or so prior.

21 Jun 2012

YMCA Camp Immokalee Bus


Brumos Motor Cars supplied VW Van for YMCA Camp Immokalee in Keystone Heights, FL.  Around 1960.  Loyd Sandgren shot quite a bit for Brundage Motors and later Brumos in the late 1950’s and 1960’s.

18 Jun 2012

All Pumped Up


Unidentified body builders from the Loyd Sandgren collection of photographs.  Anyone out there recognize any of the contestants?

15 Jun 2012

Happy Father’s Day, Buy Shick Razors

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Father’s Day themed drug store sales display for Shick Razors.  Among the offerings were the Shick Injector Razor with “New Eversharp Hydro-Magic Blades.  Only $1.89 with 24 Blades”. 1950’s.

12 Jun 2012

Church Ladies And A Few Old Men

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Group portrait of of the Senior Sunday School Class at Riverside Park Methodist Church, 1955.

08 Jun 2012

Celebrating The Queen’s Undergarments

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A window display showing “Costumes & Corsetry from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II from the Formfit Collection of Historical Figurines” according to the sign behind the dolls of various queens and their undergarments.  I’m sure Queen Elizabeth II would approve of the label under her figurine, “Majesty, youth, beauty and glamor combine themselves in this […]

05 Jun 2012

Ring It Up


Loyd Sandgren did not leave any information on this image of the cash register girl at and unknown business so you are on your own on this one.  She has a great smile and a great dress but what is with the guy wearing the headphones behind her?


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