March 2011

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29 Mar 2011

Mr. Abood And His Meat


An obviously proud Mr. Abood with a batch of award winning sides of beef which according to the ribbons hanging from each carcass, were purchased at the Ocala Fat Steer Show. 1950’s. This photo was circulated among members of Jacksonville’s Syrian community and they think it may be Fred Abood of the “Steer Room” and […]

22 Mar 2011

US Royal Tire Showroom

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No information is attached to this photo but judging from the advertising for the New Mid-Century U.S. Royal Master line of tires I think it would be safe to date the photo from about 1950.

18 Mar 2011

Making Way For Progress


Looking at the corner of Bay Street (to the right) and Liberty Street (to the left) with fencing up prior to the demolition of this block of buildings to make way for the current Police Memorial Building which was conceived in 1967 when Jacksonville Mayor Lou Ritter called for an architect’s competition to design a […]

15 Mar 2011

WFGA Color Television


Jacksonville television station WFGA began broadcasting September 1, 1957 and was the first TV station in the country designed for color broadcasting.  It was also a pioneer with the first “live camera” coverage of space launches at the Kennedy Space Center in 1958 and acted as the designated pool feed for all national TV networks. […]

11 Mar 2011

Yo-Yo Man


According to Cynthia Liu, a California filmmaker who is working on a documentary film about Filipino American Yo-Yo demonstrators and their role in popularizing the Yo-Yo as a toy, at the height of the Yo-Yo craze there were anywhere from 70 to 90 of them traveling around the country for various manufacturers.  They hosted contests […]

08 Mar 2011

Borum Boat In A Box


“I had this special background built at the Borum Boat Co. so we could take pictures of the new boats.  Once again the background would be taken out for the ads.” LS Loyd Sandgren did photographs for both the Borum Boat Company and Huckins Yacht Corporation during the 50’s and 60’s.  Huckins is still around […]

03 Mar 2011

Working Waterfront

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Another of the many skyline views from the Loyd Sandgren photography collection.  Late 1940’s.  The St Johns river was still a working waterfront on both banks near downtown.


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