April 2011

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28 Apr 2011

Picture in a Picture


Photo Mural at WMBR Radio “I made this photo mural for the WMBR radio station on South Main Street. in 1948.  The print was mounted on 4”x8” plywood and put up at the station.  The two side Murals were also mounted on 4”x8” plywood.  It was a real job.” LS When I first came to […]

22 Apr 2011

Putting In


“Mrs. Lou Bono putting on the green.  Lou is on the far right.  He is the one that started Lou Bono’s Bar-B-Q.  The other man was the pro around town and of course with his wife.” LS

19 Apr 2011

Frozen Iceburg

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“This is something that you can’t see today.  This shows the inside of a freight-car, and refrigerated, that is they would put ice on the food products.  These were boxes of Prize Winner Lettuce, all damaged when the train humped (or was bumped) and damaged all this lettuce.  I took the picture for the insurance […]

14 Apr 2011


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“This man as you can see was arrested on a charge of murder (three people).  I don’t remember what his sentence was, but it was either one or two lifetimes.  The names of the two detectives is unknown to me.  About 1953.” LS Those were some sharp dressed detectives! (Update:  Former JSO officer Lonnie Miller […]

08 Apr 2011

Under The Sea


“Here is a window display at Cohen Brothers in the St. James Building on West Duval Street.  I thought this was a very effective display, it looked like it was under water.  50’s.” LS I’ve looked at thousands of Loyd’s prints and have many favorites but this one is just a classic.  It is a […]

05 Apr 2011

Jacksonville’s Speed Racer


“This photo is of Peter Gregg, auto racer of Jacksonville.  He had just started his dealership on Philips Highway and was being interviewed on radio.” LS Legendary Jacksonville race car driver Peter Gregg (third from right) became the owner of Brumos Porsche after purchasing the dealership in 1965 following previous owner Hubert Brundage’s death in […]

01 Apr 2011

New And Improved

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On December 28, 1886 a patent was issued to Josephine Garis Chochrane from Shelbyville, Illinois  for what is considered the first practical mechanical dish washing machine. It was displayed at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair but saw use mostly in commercial settings.  It was not until the late 1940’s that a home model came on […]


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