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20 Jan 2011

Retro High Tech


“This is a storage room that held the early tapes for the computers.  In those days it was very bulky, but it was the beginning.”  LS I contacted Dag Spicer, the Senior Curator at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California for a little more information about the photo and he dated the image […]

16 Jan 2011

Portrait Of Loyd Sandgren, Tallahassee, FL 1946

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This is one of my favorite photos of Loyd taken after he got out of the Navy in Jacksonville.  He went to work for the Florida State Advertising Commission in Tallahassee, FL for about a year before returning to Jacksonville where he stayed the rest of his life. “A photo of Loyd Sandgren in Tallahassee, […]

13 Jan 2011

Damaged In Transit


“A Bad Accident.  No one was killed and no one was hurt, no one had seat belts on either.  It all happened on a trip from England to Jacksonville, Florida.  These cars were on a ship and they got into a bad storm.  Result, the cars broke away from their chains and bounced together and […]

07 Jan 2011

Marineland 1946

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In light of the recent purchase of Marineland by the Georgia Aquarium I thought this might be a good time to post this photo of Dolphin feeding at Marineland shot in 1946 by Loyd Sandgren.

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