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14 Oct 2010

Bunny Suit

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Ruthie Moore was a teen in the 1950’s and was photographed repeatedly by Loyd Sandgren. “Ruthie Moore, a vivacious energetic cute girl that also had a great personality.  She is the only girl that I know of here in Jacksonville that made her living as a full time model.  She worked at Oriental Gardens (a […]

13 Oct 2010

Big Seahorse

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Anybody know what happened to the Seahorse? Update:  Ask and you shall receive!  My friend Joan Morris in Tallahassee was quick to come up with the information on this photo.  Joan was in charge of the photographic collection at the Florida State Archives in Tallahassee for many years and now retired, still volunteers her time […]

13 Oct 2010

Super Duper

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She seems happy with the product.

24 Sep 2010

Tail Hook


What are the chances of getting access to a Navy jet for a photo shoot these days?

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