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22 Mar 2011

US Royal Tire Showroom

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No information is attached to this photo but judging from the advertising for the New Mid-Century U.S. Royal Master line of tires I think it would be safe to date the photo from about 1950.

25 Feb 2011

Pork and Beans at the A&P

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Among Loyd Sandgren’s clients was the A&P Grocery chain which according to conversations with Loyd, had him photograph displays at their Jacksonville store so that they could send out prints to other stores to show the way they wanted the products displayed at other locations. Anybody recognize the gentlemen in the photo?

25 Oct 2010

$2.99 None Higher


Night view of the Paris Hat store window display in Jacksonville, Florida.  The price tags on the hats read $2.99  None Higher.

13 Oct 2010

Super Duper

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She seems happy with the product.

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