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13 Mar 2012

Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco


Looks like a 50′s era convenience store but I can’t find any signage with the business name.  It is across the street from an A&P Food Store.  I’d say they were really pushing the Lucky Strike cigarette brand!

06 Feb 2012


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Remington Rand’s San Marco Blvd. window display in the early 1950′s advertising it’s new data storage technology Film-A-Record.  This technology made film based copies of printed documents to reduce record storage space (think microfilm at the library).  The poster at the right of the image shows 160 four drawer file cabinets full of documents that [...]

23 Jan 2012

Eddy Arnold


The window display at the Lane-Rexall for country music artist Eddy Arnold’s upcoming shows at Jacksonville’s Palace Theatre.  born in 1918 the Nashville sound singer had 147 songs on the Billboard country music charts and sold over 85 million records. He started his performing career in the 1930′s and gave his final concert in 1999, [...]

09 Jan 2012

As Seen In Vogue, 1960

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Window display in the Levy’s store in downtown Jacksonville displaying women’s fashions along with a 1960′s Vogue photo spread that featured the new line of 1960′s Ford automobile offerings alongside the clothing featured in the display.  Some early cross marketing? “This was one of the many pictures that was taken for the different stores downtown.  [...]

11 Nov 2011

The Sport Shop Inc.


Wilson, MacGregor and Louisville Slugger on display in the baseball themed window display of The Sport Shop but not a Nike product to be found.  I don’t have any information about this particular photo and have not been able to track down anything on the business.  Anyone out there remember anything about The Sport Shop [...]

08 Nov 2011

Sell It!


I’m sure that the desired buying demographic for this state of the art washing machine, circa 1950′s, was further enticed to make a purchase by the use a model in a swim suit, high heels and the coveted Miss Filter-Flo sash.

02 Sep 2011

Don’t Miss The Women Wrestlers

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“If you knew Jimmy Murdock you would know his old car that he would advertise all the events that he would promote in the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s and 70′s.” LS Miss Ella Phillips vs Miss Mars Bennett at the Arena at Main and Beaver Streets.  Best 2 out of 3 falls, 1 hour time limit.  [...]

26 Aug 2011

Gillette Razor Advertising

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Nothing very subtle about this 1950′s vintage point of sale advertising.

13 May 2011

Jacksonville Women’s Open

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“The arena promoting golf at this time, notice the total prize money, $2,050 purse.  This was in the year 1953.  Also you could win the TV that projected the picture that was just like a big movie.  A 10 foot screen. A combination three day ticket was $3.00.” LS The second annual Jacksonville Florida Women’s [...]

01 Apr 2011

New And Improved

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On December 28, 1886 a patent was issued to Josephine Garis Chochrane from Shelbyville, Illinois  for what is considered the first practical mechanical dish washing machine. It was displayed at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair but saw use mostly in commercial settings.  It was not until the late 1940′s that a home model came on [...]

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