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15 Jul 2011

Mayport Basin, 1940′s

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Mayport Naval Station during WWII, dirt roads, what look like graded runways, lots of sand and scrub.  Just a handful of buildings near the West edge of the basin.  Loyd Sandgren served as the Navy Base’s photographer from 1942 to 1945 when according to what he told me, there was just a dirt road leading [...]

22 Nov 2010

Mayport Naval Station Baseball 1943

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According to Loyd’s notes this was shot on Sanders Field at Mayport Naval Station in 1943 during the time he was stationed there as a Navy photographer.  The fielding team has Gibbs on their jersey. I can’t read the base runners.

13 Oct 2010

KP Duty

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Caption on back of print: Mess Cooks take eyes out of potatoes at N.A.G.S.  2/20/45 “Here is a group of men on KP duty.  The potatoes shown in the background was just part of the 5 tons used each day at the base.  They seemed to be having a good time, but I think the [...]

24 Sep 2010

Tail Hook


What are the chances of getting access to a Navy jet for a photo shoot these days?

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