13 Oct 2010

Just Point And Shoot!


Photographer Virgil Deane with an 8X10 Deardorff View Camera on Jacksonville Beach during a commercial shoot.  He was a contemporary of Loyd’s and appears in a number of his images.  Deane died in 1999 at age 84 and may be best known for his portrait of Mama and Pappa Gustafson which was used for the label on Gustafson’s Dairy milk cartons.

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13 Oct 2010

Pitcher Bob Feller


Bob Feller giving pitching pointers at Wolfson Park.  Love the Cub Scout!

“Bob Feller, a great ex-pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.  He was helping some of the kids at the Wolfson baseball park.” LS

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05 Oct 2010

Barber School


Although there are a couple of photos from this shoot there is no information about the location or the date the images were taken.  See anyone you know?

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05 Oct 2010

Southbank Circa 1948


The Jacksonville skyline with an undeveloped Southbank in the foreground. The Main Street Bridge was only 7 years old when this photo was taken and was one of only two auto bridges across the St. Johns River to downtown.  The other bridge was the old Acosta Bridge.

“This photo shows what the Southside of Jacksonville looked like in 1948.  This was after all the old shacks were torn down but before the park was built.” LS

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24 Sep 2010

Tail Hook


What are the chances of getting access to a Navy jet for a photo shoot these days?

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