26 May 2015

Houses Of Ill Repute



“The first block of West Beaver Street. Peggy was a prostitute and she owned these houses.  She operated her business there. She was murdered there one night by her boyfriend  There was always troubles there as you can see by the ambulance. This was on the North side of Beaver.”  LS

A parking garage belonging to First Baptist Church Jacksonville now occupies that block of West Beaver Street.


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19 May 2015

Maxwell House Plant Circa 1970



“The backside of the Maxwell House Coffee Co. taken from the Adams Street viaduct. Picture taken at dusk to show some lights.  1970.”  LS

The Maxwell House coffee brand started in 1892 and the Jacksonville plant is one of two in the country still in operation (the other is in San Leandro, California). The East Bay Street facility was opened in 1910.  The large dripping neon coffee cup on the side of the building was installed in 1955.


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07 May 2015

Mid 1950′s Downtown Aerial



An aerial view of downtown Jacksonville shot looking Northeast taken in 1955 according to photographer Loyd Sandgren’s note that accompanied the print.


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30 Apr 2015

Lights, Camera, Action!



This is another behind the scenes image from the film shoot shown in San Marco shown in this previous post.  It looks like a different angle on the same setup judging by the sidewalk and driveway toward the back of the car.


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28 Apr 2015

Party Time!



Bobbing for apples photographed by beaches photographer Virgil Deane. This wonderful image was one of several hundred loose and un-captioned prints that were given to me after they were saved from the curb awaiting garbage pickup. I wish there were more details that could be shared. Perhaps some of the partiers are still around and could shed a little light on the specifics of the party.


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23 Apr 2015

Big Boat, Little Boat



As described in a number of previous posts photographer Loyd Sandgren had among his commercial clients Huckins Yacht Corporation and Otis C. Borum Boats, Inc., both Jacksonville headquartered boat builders that served very different segments of the boating market.  Huckins had a history of boat building dating back to the late 1920’s and concentrated on the high end, luxury yacht market.  Borum made beautiful wooden recreational boats in the 1950’s, naming them after popular car models of the day. This particular photograph happens to have one of each company’s watercraft featured together, the only image like it that I have found in the Sandgren collection. Finding details about Borum Boats is challenging as the company is no longer in existence but thanks to the fine folks at Huckins which is still building boats at their facility on the Ortega River and have kept meticulous records on every boat they made, they were able to provide me with information about their boat in this photograph. The Jamboree was built for Inman Brandon who owned five Huckins yachts. This one is a Corinthian 56 model and was the fourth Huckins yacht purchased by Brandon. It was ordered in April of 1962 and delivered in November the same year. It is hull number 369 of the Huckins fleet.


Huckins Yacht Corporation provided the above copy of an advertisement featuring the Jamboree which prompted a search which turned up this slightly earlier Borum Boat ad below.



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14 Apr 2015

Black Dress And Fishnet Stockings



“This photo was taken in my studio when I was on 22 East Beaver St.  The girl was a stripper, in fact at that time I did many of those girls.  My reputation as a stripper photographer was well known even as far away as New York.”  LS



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07 Apr 2015

Ernest Hinds Revisited



A different angle of the hospital ship Ernest Hinds tied up on a pier on the Northbank of the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville.  You get a good sense of the working waterfront that covered most of Jacksonville’s riverbank up until the 1960’s.  This frame was shot during the 7 month period between 1946 and 1947 that the Ernest Hinds was in Jacksonville serving as a floating isolation ward for patients going through an extended venereal disease treatment protocol. More detailed information about this ship’s visit can be found in this previous post.


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11 Mar 2015

Terry’s Kiekhaefer Mercury Dealership



(Update:  An industrious Vintage Jacksonville fan found a vintage postcard of the Motel Capri which looks like the building in the background of this image with a 1958 postmark. It was located at North Main Street and 38th. Street across from Evergreen Cemetery)

I can’t find any clues to give me the location of Terry’s Kiekhaefer Mercury Outboard Motor dealership.  There are motel signs in the distant background, one looks like it might say Capri but it is hard to tell.  Researching the outboard motor names in the photograph dated this image to the late 1950’s. According to the price tag on the Turbo Four in the center of the photograph it could be purchased for $490.50 cash or $50.50 Down and $22.30 per month.

What I also found when looking for the the engine information was the history of Carl Kiekhaefer, the namesake of the company. Kiekhaefer was trained as an electrical engineer and worked briefly as a draftsman for Evinrude Motors in 1927 before being fired for his temper.  In 1939 he purchased the bankrupt Cedarburg Manufacturing Company which made Thor outboard motors. In 1940 the first Kiekhaefer Mercury outboard motor was introduced.  During WWII civilian demand for his motors wained but the military bought thousands.  His company also produced engines for aerial target drones and chain saws used to clear jungles in the South Pacific.  After the war the civilian market resumed.

Kiekhaefer later got into car racing as a way to promote his boat motor company and is credited with having the first professional NASCAR race team. His team raced on the NASCAR circuit in 1955 and 1956 fielding 5 cars at most races in the 1955 season and had 6 cars in the 1956 Daytona Beach Road Course race. He  His cars were trucked to races rather than being driven there by their drivers. Team members wore uniforms and cars were professionally painted. Over the course of those two years, his drivers won a combined 52 races and won the NASCAR Grand National championship both years.

In 1961 Kiekhaefer Marine merged with the Brunswick Corporation.  Kiekhaefer resigned as president of the company in 1969 and the company changed the name of its outboard motor business to Mercury Marine.


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03 Mar 2015

Borum Boat Building



On the factory floor of Borum Boats. The Jacksonville boat builder made wonderful wooden recreational boats starting in 1954 and Loyd Sandgren did much of their photography work, on land and in the water.  According to the information that I have found they started manufacturing their boats in the old Ford Model A factory building on Jacksonville’s Talleyrand waterfront. The building can still be seen below the Mathews Bridge, on a pier sticking out into the St. Johns River.  This appears to be a smaller space than I would expect to see inside that structure but if anyone knows more details, please share them.  There is additional information about the company in this previous post.


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