08 Jan 2018

The Old Gator Bowl



An undated photo with no caption information of a youth football team in the old Gator Bowl. It might be a Police Athletic League team with the police officer in the photo. It is kind of amazing to think about how much the old metal bleacher stadium has evolved since it was built in the late 1920’s as Fairfield Stadium. At the time it had a seating capacity of 7,600. In 1946 the stadium hosted the first Gator Bowl game. In 1948 the capacity was expanded to 16,000 seats and it was renamed the Gator Bowl with more seating added before the 1949 Gator Bowl game. The facility went from being known for hosting one bowl game a year and the Florida vs Georgia football game to being the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football team with regular seating close to 64,000 which is expanded to over 80,000 once a year for the Florida vs Georgia game.


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31 Dec 2017

Blinging in the New Year



“Here is Miss Jacksonville of 1948, Miss Betty Lindquist. This all happened in a jewelry store on Adams Street. She was modeling the bracelet and broach. Other people unidentified. There were two guards, one at each side of us to make sure nothing was missing. I am proud of its sharpness, 4X5 camera was used.” LS

Thank you to everyone who visited Vintage Jacksonville in 2017. We have been involved in some fun projects this year and hope for more of the same in 2018. At least one big announcement will be coming in the new year with Loyd Sandgren’s work sharing a stage with some historic icons in photography. More details to follow so don’t go away. Happy New Year!


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19 Dec 2017

Not So Happy Place



“This shows an accident in the 200 block of West Bay Street. On the right is the Casino Theatre, price nine cents. Happy’s Place which was a beer joint, the next building not seen, was Clyde’s Bar. The cab was a Packard Car. The damage to both cars came to seventy dollars.”  LS


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07 Dec 2017

Alpha-Bits Flying High in Downtown Jacksonville



“This was a big deal downtown in the 60’s. They were making a commercial for POST Alpha-Bits right in front of the then Jacksonville National Bank.”  LS

What are now referred to the trio buildings served as the backdrop for the filming of a commercial for Alpha-Bits cereal, a product first introduced by Post Consumer Brands in 1957. After a search of vintage Alpha-Bits commercials I found a couple from the 1970’s that used the flying, psychedelic, wheeled sailboat similar to the one in this photograph. It also appeared on the cereal boxes from the late 1960’s early 1970’s era.

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29 Aug 2017

Naval Station Mayport, 1943



“U.S. Naval Section Base, Mayport, Florida, July 1943. Photo taken from the wind tower, looking South, towards the beaches. Yachts & Pogy Boats were the fleet at the base.”  LS

This early view of Naval Station Mayport was taken while photographer Loyd Sandgren was stationed there. The Navy photographer job first brought him to Jacksonville where after a brief period Tallahassee, Florida in 1946, he worked and lived for the rest of his life. There are numerous photographs from Loyd’s Navy career in the collection but here is a good one with a great story taken on the same pier seen in this photograph.


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24 Aug 2017

A Pair of Barnett Bank Buildings




“Here is a picture of the Barnett Banks. The old one in the foreground was on Laura and Forsyth Streets. The other building still stands. 1950.” LS

The bank building in the foreground located on West Forsyth Street at the intersection with Laura Street started as the Bank of Jacksonville in 1877. It was then renamed The National Bank of Jacksonville. The bank was renamed The Barnett Bank in the early 1900′s after the banks founder William Boyd Barnett. The new Barnett Bank building on Adams and Laura Streets behind it was built in 1926.


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19 Jul 2017

To The Shredder



“This photo was taken in the Federal Reserve Bank, on Julia and Church Streets. They are taking all those bills to the cutting room to destroy them. It might have been hundreds of thousands of Dollars worth. I Didn’t get any of it.” LS

The building where this photograph was taken now serves as the City of Jacksonville’s Emergency Operations Center. There is additional information on the Federal Reserve Bank on this previous post.



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07 Jun 2017

Treaty Oak, 1960′s



This 200 plus year old Live Oak on the Southbank of the St. Johns River sits on land that in the early 1900’s was home to Jacksonville’s Dixieland Park. The tree was named Treaty Oak in the 1930’s after a fictitious story was written by The Florida Times-Union writer Pat Moran about settlers and indians signing peace treaties under it. It was part of an effort by Moran and the Garden Club of Jacksonville to discourage it’s removal for development. The property containing the tree was purchased around 1934 by Jessie duPont and the Alfred I. duPont Foundation which donated it to the city of Jacksonville in 1964, around the time this photograph was taken. The 7 acres of land with the tree as it’s centerpiece is now Jessie Ball duPont Park, a green space surrounded by commercial buildings, parking lots and the approach to the Main Street Bridge.


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16 May 2017

Leo Fitzpatrick Florist on Laura Street



“The Leo Fitzpatrick Building on 515 Laura Street.  This is where the Ivey’s building is today.  Fitzpatrick Florist’s became famous here.”  LS

Leo Fitzpatrick Florist was one of the big players in Jacksonville’s flower business until the mid 1950’s when the business was bought in 1956 by competitor Robert Kuhn who founded Kuhn Flowers in 1947. I could not find the date when the building was demolished but after a search of the city directories, Fitzpatrick Florist was listed at this address until 1957. From 1958 to 1961 the property address was listed as vacant and starting 1962, 501 to 523 Laura Street was listed as under construction. Starting 1963 the address was listed as the side of Ivey’s.


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12 Apr 2017




This is a wonderful photograph of women’s basketball but photographer Loyd Sandgren left no clue as to the identities of the teams, the location or the date of the photograph. The image probably dates from the mid 1940’s to the early1950’s since the pants still have a belt which went out in the early 50’s. I can’t identify the teams, there are no markings on the uniforms and only a small sign on the gym wall marked Taylor. There is a Taylor, Florida in Volusia County but If anyone recognizes the gym or the players please help Vintage Jacksonville fill in the information gap.


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